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About Us


His particular incident made Mr Rajendra Founder over the state of food wastage in India. He thought of all the food that goes unused during various events, parties and functions like marriages. How this thought for food collection & distribution came to our Founder, H. R. Rajendra is an interesting tale. When Rajendra was returning home after attending a wedding 6 years ago, he saw huge quantities of surplus food being thrown away in dustbins infront of function hall. At another place, he saw street urchins eating leftover food thrown in the garbage. Deeply hurt and moved by these two scenes, he decided to collect the surplus food and distribute and alleviate the hunger of the poor and the needy. A couple, MR Shwetha and HR Rajendra, with support of multitude of well wishers, supporters and volunteers, were involved in collection, processing and re-distribution of extra and un-used food in Mysuru City, over the past 6 years.

This “food philanthropy” was formalized into Akshaya Aahara Foundation(AAF) ® .He decided to bridge the gap between haves and have nots and initiated in the name of ‘Akshaya Aahara Jolige” . The objective of the organisation was to collect surplus food and distribute it among the needy. To start with, Mr Rajendra & his wife Shwetha visited different Marriage Halls, Restaurants, hotels, party halls, and enquired about food wastage. He asked them about what they do with the surplus food and other related things. Mr Rajendra proposed how they can feed the poor people with just one call - 9148987375.